Wednesday Jukebox: Book of Rhymes by Nas.

Hello readers, I’ve been trying to keep busy with many endeavors as of late, one of which is a new site my good friend Stephen and I started. Nothing big, just a blog at the moment but we’re hoping to start a podcast very soon maybe even by this weekend. It’s most likely just going to be two friends talking shit and sprinkling some analysis and opinions on our beloved MMA. Hope you will tune in, can’t promise anything just yet cause this will basically be our first podcast ever and haven’t spoken live too much as of yet but will definitely hope to bring something interesting & entertaining to the table.

Anyway, here’s something I posted. I usually tweet out a Jam of the Day, but decided I wanted to elaborate on this one a bit. Nas’ Book of Rhymes is one of my favorite tracks and I wanted to share a little perspective.

These Hands

I lie here,
Staring at my hands.
Thinking of all the
Destruction they’ve caused,
All the mouths
They have silenced.

These palms carry
No blood
These knuckles
Stay rough.
And I feel like
The devil is smiling

Idle hands are the
Devil’s workshop right?
Well these hands cannot
Remain static.
Senile and paper-like
These hands will lay waste

And hopefully learn to love
In the following decades.
Maybe they’re not here to hold,
But here to chip away
So waste away your nine lives
I’ll be here with these ten fingers.