More Money, More Problems for Zuffa (LINK)

I have to show my gratitude to my readers right now. I’d recently been stuck in a weird spot where my planned articles had to be shitcanned due to some fights getting cancelled, and just not being able to decide what issues to tackle.

This story took me a while to finish, but I’m extremely happy with how it turned out, I can easily say it’s one of my best. I always welcome any feedback, comments and criticisms from all the readers and I strongly encourage it for this one. I got a record number of views on the Johny Hendricks piece and although I have to give big thanks to Last Word On Sports, I really want to thank the readers, you guys give me the extra motivation to polish up my skills. This blog doesn’t get the traffic that the sites I write for get, but every view on this page means the world to me. Thank each and every one of you.

Now on to the fight stuff. Here’s my latest for Last Word on Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor, fighter pay, and the new business relationship between Fabricio Werdum and Ramzan Kadyrov.

Girl Fights MMA’s Fundraising Link

First of all, I would like to send a big thank you to anyone who reads my work or clicks on the links to my outside work. The exclusive wordpress articles haven’t been as continuous as I would want but I have been quite preoccupied lately. Apologies, but I will have another music piece coming out in the next two weeks so check back, especially if you enjoyed my Nine Inch Nails piece, it’ll be much in the same vein. Now onto the matter at hand.

My good friends from have recently started a Go Fund Me fundraiser in an effort to try and expand their coverage of women’s MMA. This website is in its’ embryonic stage right now and it’s already very strong in it’s coverage and opinion pieces. Both Stephen & Melanie (the heads of the site) are awesome people who truly love the sport and the female athletes that compete in it. They don’t like to do things half-assed and are very ambitious & determined to make Girl Fights MMA a premier destination for fans of WMMA.

If you have anything to spare, any amount of money that will not hurt you to donate, please do so. My colleagues would greatly appreciate it. This site operates on nothing but hard work, love & passion. Stephen & Mel considered me to contribute from the beginning, and I had only been writing 4 months up to that point, I was so honored by their consideration, and it has helped me immensely. So any small opportunity to help them in return will always be seen through by me. I appreciate you took the time to read this and any amount donated would be greatly appreciated by all.